My name is Hyojin Im, a Korean filmmaker whose main interest is to deliver stories and analyze emotions. My works are about sharing my personal interpretation and experiences about many topics of this world. When making art, my main focus is not about convincing the audience, but of expressing certain experiences. My art explores religious belief, sex, violence, depression, bodily desires and trauma. The reason why I am attracted to provocative topics lies in my belief that these are the raw nature of human-mess that we can never escape from. My belief arises from the understanding that all these topics are closely intact with our body and senses, which is the vessel of our life. I do not hesitate to open up myself in order to force the audience to analyze their own belief through my works. 
Film is what attracts me the most because it is a powerful tool of communication. Film surely is a very collective form of art; it is constructed based on a narrative, should be rendered though selective and well designed images, and sound harmonious. As a filmmaker, it is my goal to take advantage of every bit of these elements and tell stories that are worthy to be found and told. My work process is all about carefully observing my thoughts. “Which memories or situations trigger certain emotions?”, and “How does that trigger influence my life as an artist?” are the main questions I answer to. After finding answers to my questions, I analyze my response thoroughly and decide the style and core message of my art. Art is my way of coping with trauma and hurtful experiences. My hope is to share the experience of therapy and foster conversations. 
Personal stories are what thrill me the most. Such interest sparked initially with the quilt project about my father. Through this project Father. Im DaeKwon, I speculated my personal trauma about my father through quilting. By sharing my story through a visual form, I was able to raise and share many personal responses from the audience. Recently, I have worked on a 3D Maya video art with the theme of death, in collaboration with my grandmother and shared our view about death. It was my goal to create the envisioned ‘death path’  for my grandmother through 3D images. The process of interviewing my grandmother about death was intense since we both were aware that it is our inevitable, ultimate destination that we were approaching everyday. The confrontation about death with a loved one was challenging, but my hope is that my direct confrontation will inspire the audience to look back and revisit moments in their life related to death. 
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